Hannah S

Food, health, exercise, stress, emotional eating, work, sleep, alcohol, and the amount of water you’re drinking; they all meet face to face when you are trying to lose weight. I had a really hard time balancing my life in the way I could maintain for the longterm. What Lisa has helped me do, is get into a routine that embraces self control/discipline, freedom, and a healthy lifestyle. On my first appointment I told Lisa, I just really wanted to find freedom from the control food had on me. She met me where I was at, and created a plan that would be a guideline of a balanced healthy life. And now I am here to say-macros were a game changer for me! I have truly learned to enjoy the food placed on this earth to fuel my body, and workouts that keep my body strong! And I have learned to limit unhealthy foods, but not restrict completely. I have no guilt in having something high in fat or carbs that fit in my macros. I always heard ‘everything in moderation’ but now I know how to apply that to my life. I would recommend anyone and everyone to Lisa!

Lisa DeBoerComment