Hannah M

Lisa has been helping me out in my fitness journey for a little over 6 months now. She started by tailoring a plan to my needs and goals. Unlike other systems you find online or in books Lisa helped me adjust along the way. Tailoring the plan to what I was seeing/feeling and helping me find the best sustainable program to help me reach my goals. I’m sure as I reach more goals the plan will continue to meet my needs by making adjustments. This is all an experience I could never have had on my own by just following a black and white plan. I encourage you to make that first apt and let Lisa come along on your journey! I’ve learned so much about how our bodies use the fuel we supply them with and how important it is to get the right fuel. She has been so wonderful to work with, we have shared many laughs and even a couple of tears. A true friend to add to your story!

Lisa DeBoer