What are your hours? 

I see clients Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 7:30am-12PM.  I also have early morning appointments available Tuesday and Thursday from 5am-6:30am for those clients who are unable to meet with me during regular business hours.  Saturday appointments are available in special circumstances.

Why do you love macros so much? What’s so great about them?

You are currently eating macros (grams of protein, carbohydrates, and fat) whether you are tracking them or not.  Tracking macros teaches you so much about the composition of your food! It helps you realize how much protein you really need to eat, teaches you appropriate portion sizes, and helps you understand what your body needs.  Tracking macros helps you decide what foods are “worth it” and which ones are just “meh”. Following macros takes the emotion and anxiety out of what to eat, because there are no “good foods” or “bad foods”, it’s all just numbers!  Of course, there really is more to food than just fuel and numbers, but following your macros actually frees you to enjoy those beautiful food-centric events and experiences that are part of our culture. Following macros gives us valuable data, because we can measure your results and then adjust your macros accordingly.  Have I told you lately how much I appreciate macros?

Is a macros-based plan right for me?

A macros-based meal plan works in a wide variety of situations and for a wide variety of goals…but only if you are able and willing to implement tracking the macros. Some people just really don’t want to weigh and measure their food or track their macros. The plan you choose needs to fit into your life, not the other way around.

If I choose the MacroPoint Meal Plan, would I have to track macros for the rest of my life?

No! Tracking macros teaches you about the composition of your food, how much protein you really need, appropriate portion sizes, and more. But I don’t want anyone to track their macros every single day for the rest of their life! As you become more confident about your nutrition, I’ll help you transition to more of an intuitive eating plan. You can go back to tracking macros any time you feel like you need more structure, if your progress stalls, or if you quit maintaining.

Do you provide training plans or workout routines?

I am not a certified personal trainer, so I do not write detailed training plans. However, included in your plan will be general workout guidelines, such as how many days you should be lifting heavy or doing cardio, gym/class/program/DVD recommendations, and more. I often work with clients to improve their core strength, and give pointers on training for races. These recommendations come from being involved in the fitness industry for many years, as well as my personal experience, and the results and experiences of my clients.

Do you take online clients or do I need to be local?

Yes, I do take online clients. Appointments can be held on phone calls or via Facetime or Skype. Bi-weekly progress pictures must be submitted by the client in order to gauge progress and results.

Do you accept health insurance?

I do not participate with any insurance providers, however some of my clients have paid for nutrition services with allocated medical funds from their FLEX accounts or HSA.

Do you offer any sort of discounts?

Yes! If you are a referral from one of my current or past clients, I discount your plan by 10%. I also have a referral relationship with two local gyms, so I’ll knock off another 10% if you join one of “my” gyms. Further, I realize that my price points are daunting for some of you, but I don’t want money to be a barrier to better health. If you’re committed to working to improve your health, then I’m committed to working with you on a payment plan.

What if I have a question between appointments? Do I get charged for an extra appointment?

I am available via text and email during regular business hours, and I answer each question as soon as I am able. I will always reply within 24 hours. There is no charge for questions between appointments, because your follow-up package includes coaching between appointments. If your question is longer and more involved, I might say “let’s discuss this at your next appointment” but I can usually answer most questions on the spot.

I haven’t been sticking to my plan. Should I still come to my follow-up appointment?

Yes! Please do not cancel your appointment for this reason. Follow-up visits are used to track progress, but their other purpose is to trouble-shoot and help you get back on track. You will weigh in and get measured just like normal, because it’s important to level up and accept the reality of the situation. Clients often find that the results are not as “bad” as what they were anticipating…and if the results are, in fact, disappointing, then it’s a wake-up call and motivation to follow your plan more closely from now on.

What diet do you personally follow?

First of all, remember that this is what works for me. There are all different ways to eat in order to lose weight or fuel your workouts…so, something different might work for you. I’ve tried a little bit of everything over the years, mostly to test it out for the benefit of my clients. I don’t adhere to any specific well-known diets such as Ketogenic, Paleo, Mediterranean, etc. Currently, I am loosely following macros. I eat a high protein, lower fat diet, which includes lots of produce (mostly veggies but some fruit too). I have struggled with some digestive issues over the years, so I know I feel the best when I eat mostly clean, whole foods and minimize my intake of processed foods (lots of ingredients I can’t pronounce). I don’t avoid sugar completely, but I mostly limit my desserts to the weekends. I cook mostly healthy meals for my family, but sometimes I set a creamy, cheesy, family-favorite casserole on the dinner table (accompanied by cheering!) We rarely do fast food here, but we do occasionally go out to eat or to friends’ or family’s houses for dinner on the weekends. I don’t eat organic (unless it happens to be cheaper than standard produce), but I buy almost all of my produce from a local farmer’s market during the spring/summer/fall months. I eat plenty of dairy, and gluten in moderation.

How are you certified to help people with their digestion?

I’m actually not certified in this area at all. Digestive problems are kind of a backdoor specialty of mine, simply because of my own experience with digestive issues. I’m a huge believer in a basic probiotic, but some clients need more than that, so I’m able to guide them through reducing their intake of processed foods or even helping them with an elimination diet.