Nutrition Consult Replay

Scenario #1:   Client struggles with eating a healthy lunch.  Her morning is usually full with appointments or errands, and by the time she gets home or is ready for lunch, she is “starving”…so she tends to just munch on whatever is easily accessible (usually junk food).

Scenario #2:  Client struggles with eating a healthy lunch.  Her morning is usually full with changing diapers, disciplining children, and feeding children.  By the time they are napping, she has eaten an entire meal’s worth of chicken nugget scraps, orange slices, and Chips Ahoy.  So she’s kind of full, but yet, not really satisfied.

As a health and lifestyle coach, my job is to suggest a variety of solutions and then work with the client to determine which one of these solutions will be a good fit. (By the way, I love doing this!  It’s so fun to help break down barriers to successful weight loss.)

Solution #1:  Prep, portion out, and set aside 3-4 days worth of healthy lunches.  Aka Meal Prep. Even if you are a “stay-at-home” mom, just pretend that you need to bring your lunch to work with you.  This requires some planning, as well as setting aside the time to prep at some point during the week. You can put all components of a lunch into containers, one for each day.  Or you can batch prep, and just pre-cook some veggies, or chop veggies for a salad, or pre-cook your protein…and then throw it together quickly when it’s actually lunchtime. Just knowing that your food is ready and waiting for you makes you less likely to grab a granola bar as you’re unpacking your groceries, or eat the mac and cheese leftovers straight out of the pan while standing up (come on, I’m not the only one who has done this, right?)

Solution #2:  Predetermine a procrastination snack.  You’re planning ahead, and you’re being intentional about eating this snack…which means you are back in control of the situation.  Carry a protein bar in your purse and eat that (or even half of it) on your way home. Take 30 seconds to blend up a protein shake or cut up an apple.  Keep your snack small (just enough to take the edge off your hunger), and choose something healthy. When I say “plan it ahead”, I really do mean that. Settle on one thing that will do the trick, and stick with it.  This helps remove the decision from the picture when you’re “in the moment” (in other words, you don’t have to use your willpower).

Solution #3:  Act like an adult.  No, really. I mean that very nicely.  Remember that children are not very good at delayed gratification.  But if you can bring yourself up short “in the moment”, just take that moment to remember that you are not actually “starving”.  Throw back a glass of water and remember that you really CAN wait 20 minutes for your healthy lunch. Or even 10. Embracing this simple logic can prevent you from grabbing those PB&J crusts or tearing into the Oreos that you’re putting away.

Which solution is right for you?  There’s no wrong answer here. Further, if your solution wasn’t right for you, it doesn’t mean you failed.  You’re simply experimenting. The idea is to commit to one (or even more than one) of the solutions and try it out for a week or two.  If it doesn’t work, then move on to a different solution.