I use supplements.  You probably do too.  If you take Vitamin C, or a multi-vitamin, then you’re using supplements.  Even protein powder counts as a supplement.

Someday, maybe soon, I’ll post about which supplements I use.  I’ll explain how I choose them, what I look for in a supplement company, and why I use products from more than one company.  But for now, I’m just going to ask you to stop and think before you order anything. To stop and think before you even start researching which supplement is right for you.  To stop and think: do you really need it?

Consider the following:

  1. Sometimes you think you’re managing life pretty well until you read a Facebook post that asks if you are low on energy, or if you poop regularly, or if you eat enough vegetables, or if you have brain fog, or if you are being a good mom…or if…  Can you see how marketing verbiage is designed to make you think you need something?

  2. Most supplements include fine print that says it’s effective “when used together with a healthy diet and an active lifestyle” or something like that.  Have you tried the healthy diet and/or active lifestyle without the supplement?

  3. If a product claims that it provides you with natural energy, consider your current lifestyle.  Do you need a supplement, or do you just need to drink more water and go to bed a little earlier?

  4. You will never make it through a day without some sort of twinge, ache, pain, forgetfulness, craving, or tired moment.  Your body is an intricate collection of systems. Systems ebb and flow, so if one system is slightly “off” for the day or the moment, you might notice.  We live in a fallen world, therefore we will never achieve perfect health. So do you really need a supplement to fix every minute detail of your health?  

  5. To expand on #4, it’s perfectly acceptable to strive to improve your quality of life by making lifestyle changes or taking supplements.  After all, we are called to take good care of our bodies. But is perfect health becoming an idol?

  6. If a supplement claims it can help you break your addiction to caffeine/sugar/adrenaline, but you need to take the supplement every day…does that mean you are now addicted to the supplement?  And if so, is that any better or worse than being addicted to caffeine?

  7. Don’t look to any supplement (or food!) as your savior.  When a supplement is sold with the promise to fix pretty much every physical and mental ailment you might have, plus make you a better mom, plus help you be more productive…it’s easy to place your hopes (and trust!) in the power of the product.  There is definitely a place for supplements within the context of a healthy lifestyle. But are you giving God and the supplements each their rightful place in your life?

Hard questions?  Maybe. But try to be objective with these considerations.

Again, I’m not anti-supplement.  I’m simply encouraging you to be discerning.  Think critically. Examine your mindset. Remember that pills and powders are trendy right now, and that supplement marketing is designed to make you think you need the product.  Do you need it? You decide.