Hi! Talking about myself isn’t really one of my favorite things, but for those of you who are interested, here’s a peek into my life:

I’m Lisa DeBoer, and I love food. Oh, wait, that wasn't what you were looking for? OK, well, I'm a 30-something (OK fine, almost 40) fitness junkie with a passion for helping others feel, look, and live better.

I’ve been married to my best friend for almost 20 years now, and we have four great kids, ages 9, 12, 15, and 17.

I'm a certified nutritionist, life coach, and foodie. Did I mention I love food? I like to eat it, of course, but I also love orchestrating the correlation between what my clients eat and how they feel. I’ve had my own health struggles over the years, and have learned the hard way that it really does matter what I put into my mouth. Further, I appreciate the continual adjustments and tweaks that are necessary to balance food as fuel and numbers, and food as nourishment for the soul in the context of our culture.

In between my gym time, seeing clients and creating meal plans, I can be found cooking up healthy meals (and some not-so-healthy treats) for my family and church family, helping with homework, driving kids back and forth to work and athletic events, planning our next vacation, enjoying date night and dinners with friends, and volunteering at church and school. I’m constantly rearranging my schedule and figuring out what I can delegate in an attempt to spend more time reading, sleeping, organizing my closets, and catching up with my digital scrapbooking.

My life isn’t picture-perfect but I’m OK with that. I’ve learned (again, imperfectly!) to be at peace with the process and to find joy in the journey.