Please note:  I will never attempt to sell you something that is not a good fit for you and/or your family.  Nor will I try to talk you into any products or services that you don't need or want.  In addition, my free initial consultations are truly free, as well as confidential, no-pressure, and no-strings-attached.

Your Journey to Better Health is Simple

1. FREE Initial Consultation ~ You and I will work together to hone in on your goals, and you'll answer some questions to help me understand the context of your life (your preferences, time, budget, challenges, and more).  You'll also learn a few basics about eating right and training properly so that you can get started right away!  We'll select a basic plan and I'll get to work customizing it.  

2. Select your plan ($100-$250)
  • MacroPoint (weight loss and maintenance, lean mass gains, body recomposition)
  • FitFuel (fueling for athletic and endurance events)
  • MetaboLift (reverse dieting and metabolic counseling)
  • Digestive Reset (relief from IBS and gut issues)
  • Healthy Habits for Life (create and establish healthy habits)
  • Real Food for Real Families (improved family diet quality)
  • For the Love of Food (help for emotional eating)

3.  Choose your accountability method ($10-$50 per check-in) ~ In-person and remote/online check-ins are an important part of your journey.  These conversations and questionnaires include some or all of the following:
  • practical, applicable education and information
  • mindset coaching
  • instruction on supporting skills
  • Lifestyle Training for personal development, time management, stress management
  • recipes, tips, suggestions tailored to your needs
  • accountability and motivation
A wide variety of package deals are available and/or can be created based on your needs and budget. Contact me for more information, and let's get you started on the path to feeling amazing and looking great!

A note for those of you who live out of town (or wait, am I the one who lives out of town?)...if you are interested in any of the above services, we definitely have, Skype, phone, text, and more.  I'd love to assist you in reaching your goals!

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